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Nous - Ether (Single Review)

When you receive nearly 200 emails a day of press releases, nearly all of them contain new music that needs to be heard. It is very difficult to say the least, on which you’ll spend the time on to check out or publish. Not every new track makes the cut.

Here’s a case where I’ve never heard of this band, never was sent an “invite” to like their pages, and didn’t have the first clue on their sound. Their name is Nous, and in my inbox was an email from vocalist Cody Place, saying “Hey Man, Check This Out.” I’ll be honest, 80% of the time I give a quick little play through and see what its about and usually never go back, its just the nature of the business. “Ether” stuck with me. It wasn’t to be released to the public until Valentines Day, but it was something special.

Right away, you get blasted with an amazing premise on what they’re all about and get knocked back with the “dirty vocals” by Josh Woodin just about 20 seconds in. This song wastes no time unfolding its inner beasts, where the first chorus kicks in with “clean vocalist” Cody Place at around 45 seconds. Not only does Nous come at you with two very different vocal styles and ranges, both guitarists Nathaniel Fancher & Joe Baldelli have laid down some intricate riffs that literally leave you begging for more. The rhythm section of this band really round out this track and make it something special with Bassist Jamie Lillis and Drummer Shawn Cavanaugh nails this nearly five minute anthem with his extremely well timed performance.

This six piece metalcore band hails from Naugatuck, CT and i’d be keeping my eyes open if I were you. If this is just the start, then you’ll be in for a ride with anything new that comes from their camp.

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