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Our Lady Peace, Bush & +LIVE+ - Holmdel, NJ (6/15/19)

Author & Photos: Gary W Miller

Inside the setlist had the opportunity to head on over to the Arts Center Holmden to check out none other than Our Lady Peace, BUSH and +LIVE+. I knew this was going to be an amazing show judging from the tailgaters already priming it up at 4:30pm, and since I've personally been going to this venue since I was kid, the rule with this place is you can tell how good the show is going to be by the number of people already in the parking lot (local rumor anyway)!

Our Lady Peace took the stage at 7pm and had people on their feet the entire time. As a photographer, it was challenging at times because not only were we shooting from the sound board, but people were up on their feet moving to this band. It was a great vibe from the beginning and this band from Toronto, Ontario took control and played an amazing 7 song setlist, which most can all be found on their A Decade album.  "Drop Me in the Water" can be found on their latest and ninth studio album Somethingness.   

1.  Drop Me in the Water

2.  Innocent

3.  Superman's Dead

4.  Somewhere Out There

5.  Clumsy

6.  Stop Making Stupid People Famous

7.  Starseed

Next up was Bush! It was great witnessing this act. Stage presence was on point and the setlist matched up perfectly. Gavin was all over the stage engaging with the crowd and at one point, even left the stage and ran up to the lawn so those fans "didn't feel left out". Personally, I've only seen one other act do that before. It was pretty cool to witness the interaction. He just didn't run up and back, but actually took the time to shake hands and give out some hugs, all while still performing the song.Every song. They pulled out all their hits for this performance and even played a familiar newer one, "Bullet Holes" (for all you John Wick fans out there). Definitely a band that still has it and knows what to do with it! Worth the wait!

1.  Machinehead

2.  The Chemicals Between Us

3.  This is War

4.  The Sound of Winter

5.  Swallowed

6.  Everything Zen

7.  The Disease of the Dancing Cats

8.  Bullet Holes

9.  Little Things

10.  Glycerine

11.  Comedown

Headlining this evening's show, what up to this point was an amazing gathering and party, were the legends of +LIVE+! Not to sound cliche, this band was the icing on the cake for this night! I was thoroughly impressed with how they just bulldozed their way into the crowd and didn't give a single person a chance to sit down and catch their breath! This night was a night of music and remembrance from this era and they were determined to make sure everyone left this show with the "wow factor"!  How could you not remain standing and dancing the entire show? They pulled out some whoppers from their catalog, spanning over several albums (mostly from Throwing Copper), and even chose to cover a couple tunes.  R.E.M's "Losing My Religion" and the Rolling Stones "Paint it Black" were the chosen two for this night, and were great choices!

The setlist was as follows:

1.  The Dam at Otter Creek

2.  All Over You

3.  Selling the Drama

4.  Losing my Religion (R.E.M cover)

5.  Shit Towne

6.  Iris

7.  The Dolphins Cry

8.  Paint it Black (Stones cover)

9.  Lakini's Juice

10.  I Alone

11.  White, Discussion

12.  Heaven (Ed Acoustic Solo)

13.  Turn my Head (Ed Acoustic Solo with Chad Taylor in the end)

14.  Lightning Crashes

In short, get out there and check this tour out! It's a great time with some seriously good music! All three bands on this bill are top notch performers and I promise that at some point during the night, you'll say, "I love this song, I remember this one!"  Enjoy!  

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