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Hayley Williams - Petals For Armor I (EP Review)

The first release From Paramore front woman, Hayley Williams, is the first in a series of three EPs. Petals For Armor I evokes the feelings of rage, grief, lust and acceptance. She is telling a story full of true, raw emotion while laying herself bare for the world to see.

The record starts off with first single release "Simmer" and what a stunning and powerful start it is. The song simmers and boils with rage, and you can really feel every aspect and layer of this track. It is infectious, evoking and atmospheric through out where you are able to close your eyes, lose yourself and feel it running through your body, and it will definitely be on repeat before you know it. Second single release "Leave It Alone" is up next, and it sure is another powerful track. It is a little darker, which oozes deep emotions while radiating a sense of grief and the coming to terms in the aftermath of loss. This song webs and weaves around every twist and turn which consequently shows off a beautiful lyrical affair while also facing the darkness head on. There is a sense of open space and time to breathe in parts and the contrast between light and dark work exceedingly well together.

You can imagine the smell of cinnamon and almost taste it........

Third single release, "Cinnamon" follows, and is a more upbeat bouncy tune compared to the latter. It is bright, funky and shows off the feeling of acceptance, letting go and being completely free. This number is undeniably catchy and will make you want to bust a move or two. It is quite unusual, but you can imagine the smell of cinnamon and almost taste it while you listen. This song is about being comfortable in your own skin and it is absolutely flawless. I would also like to add the fact that when Hayley sings 'cinnamon' it sounds like she is saying 'send them in', and this is pure genius on her part. "Creepin" is up next and this is another darker side to her story telling. It displays the feeling of having the life literally sucked out of you, having unwanted guests invading your space, and who won't leave you alone. It also demonstrates the sense of being watched and trapped, and not being able to shake it off. This track is upbeat and paces forward without any hesitation, and consequently is full of flavour, has a unique taste which will make you come back for more, and is wonderfully executed.

The EP draws to its close in the form of "Sudden Desire" and this tune leaves you with a sense of lust, aching and a desire for much more. It craves, seduces and is sensual while it explodes and rips through with passion when you least expect it. The song is dream like in parts, and you can feel the yearning to be kissed and touched, yet the sense of having to hold back. Furthermore, It is soulful, intimate and quite simply, unforgettable.

Petals For Armor I is clever, intricate and vulnerable while being bold and brave. The story telling is splendid and I can't wait to see where this story takes us next.

For news, updates and all things Hayley, please head over to her Facebook page.

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