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Playa Cuberris - Sala Mon Madrid - 15/02/2020

Playa Cuberris presented their new album, Gigantes, to a packed crowd at Sala Mon Madrid on February 15. The room was bursting at the seams, and you could feel the electricity and anticipation of what the evening had in store.

Musician Sergio Rojas stepped onto the stage to warm up the crowd with 3 of his songs, to the audiences delight, before Playa Cuberris took to the stage, and this is where gig goers really went wild with echoing screams and cheers of excitement. The band kicked off the show at full throttle with “Viernes Verdes” and there was no hesitation in sight, as “Furia Nuclear” followed. Keyboardist Sergio Valdehita Muñoz and Sergio Rojas came on stage to join the band for new track, “Gigantes”. The crowd were soaking up, and relishing in the beauty of this stunning song.

Up next was one of my personal favourites from their new material, A number called “Turin” and it is absolutely stunning in every way possible. There was a special moment during this track, as singer Pedro spotted me, got on his knees and sang part of the song to me, which was one of those priceless moments, which I will cherish it for a long time to come.

“Zepelin” was up next, and another cracking track. Fan favourite, “Maria Isabel” followed, and the crowd were loving every minute of it. Sergio Valdehita Muñoz accompanied the band for this too, adding further texture to this already upbeat, fun track. “El Rey La Cuidad” slowed the tempo slightly, and allowed everyone to fully soaked up the moment. You definitely feel like the king of the city while listening to this tune. “Algo Especial” followed and this was an absolute treat, and It certainly is a special number.

First single release off the new album came in the shape of “Alta Tension”. It is infectious, spellbinding, and will have your heart before you know it. Special guest, Gabri from Shinova, joined the band for this track, and it was splendid from start to finish. “Blues De Nevera” was up next, and there was no slowing down. The bursting crowd were loving every second of it. “Atrevete A Perder” was next, followed by the band being presented to a round of applause.

Second single release, “Victoria” took its moment to shine, as the crowd were singing along throughout. “Marte” followed, and the band were joined on stage by special guests, Marlon. It was electric, and enthralling. The band finished with “Locos De Atar” before bidding a good night.

A few moments passed as the crowd were crying out for more, and Pedro and guitarist, Alvaro came back on to the stage, joined by their final special guest of the night, Pedro of La Fuga for a rendition of “Buscando En La Basura” before topping the night off with “Un Faro En El Mar” and “Luces de Neon”. The audience erupted, and what a way to end this unforgettable night.

Pedro, Alvaro, Dani, Roy and Alex were incredible and amazing throughout. They are true professionals who are insanely talented, and deserve the world.

For all things Playa Cuberris, please visit their Facebook page.

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