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Que No - Salvaje Lola (Album Review)

Cadiz rockers Salvaje Lola released their first album "Que No" this month, and the only way is up from here for this young rock and roll power trio. The lyrics are sung in Spanish, but I have always felt that music is an international language, and it does not matter if you do not understand every word, as you can feel the music along with understanding the message that is being presented to you, just by listening to every element and sound of each song.

The album kick starts with "Esta Ciudad," which does not miss a beat. It is potent, full throttle and upbeat throughout. The track is infectious and charming, while the drums teamed with gritty guitars drive forward and head for its climax. You cannot miss the 60's inspired rock and roll solo which completes this belter of a tune. "Ardiendo" follows while keeping the set pace from the latter. It burns bright like a flame, it is simply captivating and you will be singing it before you know it. Another solid track from start to finish.

"Amor en Crudo" appears with a slower tempo for a romantic affair. The song is raw, pure and full of pure emotion. Precise pristine drumming blended with clean guitar work makes this number something quite special and undeniably spellbinding. "Pareja de Baile," picks the tempo back up for another rock and roll song. This one will make you want to dance at first listen. I can feel a Chuck Berry inspired vibe sprinkled all over this track, while being blended with a modern twist to create a unique kind of magic.

"Premoncion" brings in a slower tempo, but it still shows purpose inside and out. It is euphoric with its soaring guitars and angelic vocals. The number displays a higher power with its majestic layers and appearance. "Si No Existieras" follows with clean vocals and tight guitars, which are on point throughout. This song is full of heart and soul while flashing a cool modern vibe. It is executed with brilliance and pure talent.

Title track "Que No" is up next as it manoeuvres forward without any stumble or fall. It is prominent and direct from start to finish. "Ascenderemos" follows with dirty gritty guitars, as its intricate layers ascend and take you higher. It is wonderful and out of this world. This tune is big, which allows every element to shine and breathe in the open air.

La Madrugada pushes forward with driving guitars, while the rhythm section is tight from the starting gate. It punches with an upbeat tempo and plenty of power. This track never looks back as it forges forward. The record draws to its close with "Queda Mucho," A stunning, beautiful and enchanting rock ballad of the ages. Sweet blues guitars are smooth as whiskey and it is the perfect way to end a splendid album.

Que No is available on all platforms.

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