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  • Mariusz Rdultowski

Red Hymns – Vol. 3 (6.14.2019) Review

Updated: Oct 11, 2019

Review By: Mariusz Rdultowski

On June 14th, Red Hymns (Bergen County, NJ) released their latest EP titled Vol. 3, the 3rd of a series of 4 EP’s that the band currently has in the works. Red Hymns is a new band on the scene, formed in late 2015. Since their founding, they have already played a number of shows across the Mid-Atlantic and some of Connecticut. Red Hymns style encapsulates mesmerizing melodic tones coupled with gorgeous guitar riffs and bass waves, fluttering seamlessly between dreamscapes and hardcore vibes. To top it all off, the voice of lead singer Jeremy Hernandez takes you on a journey through the clouds, providing the audience with sounds reminiscent to those I’ve heard in the vocals of Silversun Pickups’ Brian Aubert. This band is not one you want to sleep on. I highly recommend checking out this EP as well as Vol. 1 and Vol. 2, all of which are currently available to stream on Spotify.

“Blvck” is the first song on Vol. 3, kicking off with an amazing rock infused intro that morphs into a smooth scape filled with dream-like vocals that resonates through space. The track is filled with such transitions, particularly when entering the chorus as the vocals and strong rock vibes intertwine with each other. The sound combinations provide a truly euphoric experience that set the tone for the rest of the production. “Blvck” also features a beautifully melodic outro that caps off the song elegantly.

Next on the track list is “Defeated”, a song that starts off strong with a melodic rock intro featuring great guitar pieces that are coupled with an echoey voice that drifts you along with the music. “Defeated” incorporates a slightly different vocal style in the middle of the song in the form of yelling, which provides deep cutting emotion that fits perfectly into the tune’s style and message. The guitar hook present throughout the piece is also very catchy and hypnotic.

“3yip”, the final song on this EP, has a stunning vibe that, combined with the layers of gorgeous guitar work, bring out amazingly pleasant sounds. The soothing voice of Jeremy once again stands out, delivering an experience that reverberates into your core. The latter part of the track provides a powerful climb towards the climax, starting with a soft guitar melody, and building up by adding vocals and finally the drums and bass that all explodes into wonderful and raw emotion.

Red Hymns also produced a music video to accompany “3yip”, displaying the band jamming out in front of a starry, beautiful back drop that was breathtaking. The incorporation of the silhouettes throughout the video, both as the focus and in the backgrounds of various band members, is very cool and plays well with the style and feel of the music. Watching it all culminate into the breakdown and seeing the power and passion in action is exhilarating.

Inside the Setlist gives the stellar Vol. 3 4 of 5 mics!

Check out the video for “3yip” right here!

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