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Reignwolf: Black and Red

Reignwolf originated in 2012 and within two short years they toured the world, performed at almost every major festival across the globe and even shared the stage with legendary acts like, Black Sabbath. There is quite a lot of intrigue and desire surrounding the band, as they have managed to defy the odds and build their great success with having only released 6 singles between 2013 to 2019.

7 years in, 6 singles later, and the band are doing something they have never done before, by releasing a full length album. It has been a long time coming and the excitement is over flowing for this highly anticipated record. And in true Reignwolf style, the best way to announce their upcoming album, Hear Me Out, is by releasing the first single off said album.

"Black and Red" was written by Jordan Cook and Matt Hales (better known by his stage name, Aqualung) and, is sultry, delicious and seduces every inch of your being. 

This tantalizing appetizer definitely leaves you with a hunger for more...

It slowly builds around Jordan's signature and eerie vocals, before the crashing guitars and blasting drums kick in. It has a great balance between the highs and lows, while the black and red blend together exceedingly well. 

Distorted guitars hold their own with such expertise, while hard solid drumming holds the fort at the back. The song is gritty, bluesy and pure rock n roll from the top to its very core.

This tantalizing appetizer definitely leaves you with a hunger for more and, certainly knows how to heighten your enthusiasm for the upcoming album.  

It is haunting, seductive and utterly spellbinding. 

Black and Red is now available via all platforms.

The new album Hear Me Out is available from March 1 

For tour dates and more info, please visit their Facebook page.  


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