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Reignwolf - Cabin Fever (Single Review)

Just when I was starting to get cabin fever after being in lockdown for seven weeks (and counting), Reignwolf frontman, Jordan Cook, releases a new song appropriately named "Cabin Fever"

The track was recorded with one microphone on an old analog four track in the garage of his childhood home in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. While the video was filmed by his friend Stephen Hunt, who also edited and produced the video.

"Cabin Fever" is tense, erratic, authentic and pushes his unique sound even further out of this stratosphere. It echoes and mimics the exact feelings and mood of being under lockdown in your own home, while hitting the right nail on where your head is at with its deep, dark and haunting lyrics along with its gritty, distorted guitars.

I think it is safe to say that we just got ourselves the perfect anthem for the quarantine season.

For news and all updates, please head over to Reignwolf's socials;




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