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Robert Jon & The Wreck - Last Light On The Highway (Album Review)

Two months in to "Cuarentena" and when music is needed more than ever before, Orange County rockers, Robert Jon & The Wreck have sent us a heavenly gift and boy, I can sure see the "Last Light On The Highway" shining in the horizon.

The record kick starts perfectly in the shape of the sweet and delectable, "Oh Miss Carolina." The first single release is irresistible, soulful and oozes sentiment. It delivers the heavy southern rock riffs that we all know and love so much, while showing off rich tones and soaring guitars, and the girls add extra soul on the vocals taking this track to a whole other level. "Work It Out" follows and it is sensational and angelic. The tune brings the blues, the soul and an undeniable classy sound to the table, while the horns, and saxophone take you higher. It seduces you as it climbs to its outstanding and dramatic climax.

"Can't Stand It" is up next and shows off a very 70's sound along with an unforgettable upbeat tempo. A song which makes to smile from ear to ear, as it builds speed and hits the chorus. The backing singers add a joyous gospel element which gives the track a fuller texture while intricate guitar work shines bright. Second single release, "Tired of Drinking Alone" follows, and this is an instant favourite of mine, without a doubt. Slide guitars soar high while the keys hit the spot, and it is truly enthralling throughout. I feel it may become an anthem of sorts for the current pandemic we find ourselves in, as we are all tired of drinking alone, and want to see friends and family again.

"Do You Remember" is up next, and it throws back to the careless and free days we experienced when we were younger. It breathes nostalgia while you can smell the sweet summer days. Twin guitars solo's are majestic, and give this track that extra spice. "This Time Around" follows, as it slows the tempo to show off a sensual, soulful and sultry number which is beautiful inside and out, while it charms and captivates the listener.

"Don't Let Me Go" is up next and this song kicks starts with slide guitars before it builds and climbs up to the chorus, where you will find yourself shouting, "Don't Let Me Gooooooo!" in unison. A classic heavy southern rock number which drives forward with so much feel and spirit. "One Last Time" follows while it slows the pace once again, for a softer and lighter approach. The keys add such melancholy and beauty to this track. It is stunning, enchanting and full of pure emotion from start to finish.

The ballad of the album, "Gold" is up next, and it speaks to your soul. It is breathtakingly stunning and exquisite, while you will find yourself singing your heart out to this song with tears streaming down your face. Another firm favourite of mine, without a doubt. Title track "Last Light on The Highway Pt 1 and Pt 2" draws the record to its close. It comes in two parts, and the contrast is mind-blowing. Part 1 is intimate, moody and haunting throughout, whereas Part 2 is totally the opposite. It is big, dramatic and rises in crescendos. It romps on as it builds pace and shows off metal, rock and classical tones, all rolled into one. It is musically outstanding, expertly executed and this whole track is pure genius from start to finish.

The band have pushed boundaries to create this musical masterpiece, and I feel this is by far their best album to date, and potentially album of the year.

It is magnificent, charming, and simply irresistible.

To keep up to date with news, tour dates and much more, please check out Robert Jon & The Wreck via their socials, or feel free to sign up to their mailing list via their website;





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