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Robert Jon & The Wreck - Take Me Higher (Album Review)

Updated: Oct 14, 2019

Orange County’s very own Robert Jon & The Wreck are back with their latest effort, Take Me Higher and man, it was worth the wait!

First single release “Take Me Higher” kicks the record off to a mighty triumphant start. The number shows off a classic rock & roll sound with a feel good punch and modern day twist. It is upbeat, groovy and bewitching. Soaring guitars hypnotise, while the bass and precise drumming hold everything at the right pace, and an added spark comes in via the ever talented keyboards. Robert’s signature vocals are stronger than ever and definitely know how to hit the spot. In conclusion, each element builds and blends to create the perfect amount of rock & roll, with a healthy dose of groove-filled goodness. This track certainly knows how to lift you up, when you are feeling down. “Going Down” follows the already set tempo and it makes sure this party is rocking and rolling from the offset. The song oozes positive, optimistic and delicious sounds, while it brings added bite and flavour to euphoric undertones. The sounds snake and seduce to capture your attention and in turn, you feel like letting go and losing yourself to it.

“Makes Me Wanna Yell” charges in at full throttle as it drives forward with strength and energy, while it makes you want to yell for all to hear. The track is compelling, fascinating, irresistible and full of soul. Ascending, skilful guitars and mesmerising articulation via the keys stand out tall and prominent. “Goodbye Baby” follows with a classic sound, as it dances forward with such grace and elegance.

It is compelling, fascinating, irresistible and full of soul.

“Something to Remember Me By” turns the tempo gauge back up a notch or two, with this funky and tight number. Groove filled notes ooze sophistication and style. And, It definitely leaves something to remember it by and will have you singing each lyric in no time. “Coming Home” slows the pace down again for this beautiful and romantic song. It is raw, vulnerable and stunning throughout, while evoking true emotion. A big track with plenty of space to breathe and shine bright for all to hear. It is simply captivating.

“Cannonball” builds and soars high above, with gritty and earth shattering sounds. Each element blends together to create this groundbreaking instrumental tune, which is pure pleasure to the eardrums. Just when you think it cannot go any higher, it takes it to another level making sure you reach the crescendo of its intense and exciting climax. “Red, White, and Blood” brings the record to its close, as it marches forward with plenty of attitude to make sure it leaves its mark on you. They give it their all and deliver a tantalizing and alluring end to the story.

Take Me Higher is like a bottle of fine wine from start to finish and you will find yourself reaching for another delicious sip (or two).


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