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  • Mariusz Rdultowski

Saint Asonia - The Hunted (Single Review)

On July 24th, Saint Asonia (Toronto, Canada) came out with their latest single called “The Hunted”, which features Godsmack’s Sully Erna. Saint Asonia was formed back in 2015 by Adam Gontier (Singer - Three Days Grace), Mike Mushok (Guitarist - Staind), Rich Beddoe (Drummer - Finger Eleven), and Corey Lowery (Bassist - Dark New Day). Since their formation, Rich Beddoe and Corey Lowery parted ways with the band, while Sal Giancarelli (Drummer - Staind) along with Cale Gontier (Bassist - Art of Dying) joined to replace them. Needless to say, Saint Asonia is filled with astounding talent from head to toe, and their incredible music reflects as much. Since their creation, Saint Asonia has already released one album, the self-titled Saint Asonia, and are currently gearing up for a new release slated for the Fall of 2019. 

As a big fan of Three Days Grace in the 2000s, hearing Adam Gontier’s breathtaking singing naturally resonates with me as I am taken back to all of those songs I’ve heard from his time there. The styles of the two bands certainly differ, but particular combinations of sounds and vocals reverberate into memories of the past. Alongside the atmosphere developed by Saint Asonia, both these ideas make enjoying their music an electrifying experience.

With its marvelous rock vibes through the combination of the guitarist’s killer melodies, the eloquent rhythms, and the extraordinary, distinctive voice of Adam Gontier, “The Hunted” provides an exquisite listening experience. The song is expertly developed, providing an incredible guitar intro with riffs that exude power, and transforming into a gorgeous sound as the vocalist enters the scene. The hard-hitting chorus evokes intense emotions as the track conveys the idea of losing everything and becoming a target. The song goes quiet as Sully Erna softly chants his lines as though he is actively being stalked, before ramping up and exploding back into the rousing chorus. The journey this song takes you on is remarkable and thrilling, and if this track is any indication of the sounds to be heard in the future, then I am extremely excited for Saint Asonia’s next full album release.

Stream "The Hunted" here:

Inside the Setlist gives Saint Asonia’s “The Hunted” a phenomenal 4.5 of 5 mics!


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