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Sevendust, Nonpoint, Bastardane, and Burden of the Sky in Hampton Beach, NH

Sevendust was on their second leg of the “Animosity Tour” which was a celebration of the 21st anniversary of the band’s certified gold breakout album Animosity from 2001. Sevendust played at the Hampton Beach Ballroom Casino on September 17, 2022 to a sold-out crowd.

First up for the night was the band Burden of the Sky. Not only does this band currently have a song playing on Sirius XM Octane, but their song "The Flood" was co-written and produced by Morgan Rose of Sevendust. This is quite the accomplishment for an opener, and it seems like we will see a lot more from this hard rock band very soon.

Burden of the Sky Gallery

Next up was the band Bastardane. The drummer, Castor Hetfield, happens to be the son of Metallica front man, James Hetfield. There was a lot of pressure riding on this band, and they were up for the challenge. They never tried to be or imitate Metallica. They have their own unique, heavy sound. Their lead singer gives the crowd some eccentric facial expressions which can be seen in the photos.

Bastardane Gallery

Nonpoint was the next band up and they brought it heavy as they love to do. Their mix of powerful lyrics, heavy rifts and spectacular dreads always makes this band a must see.

Nonpoint played the hits fans love such as "Alive and Kicking" and "What a Day". They also treated the crowd to their newest song "Paper Tiger" which has a fresh feel while still keeping with the Nonpoint sound and fans were loving it. Nonpoint closed out their set with the colossal hit "Bullet With a Name".

Nonpoint Setlist


Alive and Kicking

What a Day

Chaos and Earthquakes

Dodge Your Destiny

Paper Tigers

Bullet With a Name

Nonpoint Gallery

Not many bands play one entire album. Bands might have one or two hits from an album and wouldn't bother playing the rest of the songs. Sevendust has so many hits on Animosity alone, so it was wonderful to hear the album in its entirety and celebrate the anniversary it coming out.

Lead singer Lajon Witherspoon always finds a way to connect with the audience and this performance was no exception. In between delivering flawless vocals he pours out his heart letting the crowd know he regularly thinks of his brother, Reginald, who was shot to death in 2002 and wonders why that happened to his brother and why he is still alive.

Animosity produced monster hits like "Praise" which was had the crowd rocking hard along with the band. Another massive hit is "Angel's Song" which always manages to hit a nerve with every single person in the building. Those two songs in particular make listeners feel incredibly different, but they were put out on the same album and show the vast range Sevendust is capable of.

Sevendust had just played at the Hampton Beach Ballroom Casino only six months prior to this show and they managed to sell the place out again for a second time this year. Clearly, New Hampshire loves Sevendust!

Sevendust Setlist




Xmas Day

Dead Set




Live Again



Angel's Son




Face to Face

Sevendust Gallery

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