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Shim: SHIM (Album Review)

When Shimon Moore first began writing solo music, a piece of early career advice stuck with him. He recalls,

“Somebody once told me, ‘When you’re making music, the difference between good and great is blood. If you bleed on a record, people are going to hear it. If you don’t, people are going to hear it too’.”

Truth is, Shimon’s blood courses through every song he’s ever written and recorded. Millions of fans worldwide connected to his songwriting, spirit, and soul across four full-length albums from the RIAA platinum-certified Sick Puppies—which he founded. Following his split from the group during 2015, the Australia-born and Los Angeles-based singer, songwriter, and producer did what he does best: write.

Fast forward to present day, and Shim has released his self titled effort, SHIM

The album kick starts with "A Brand New War," a high speed mix of anger, frustration and strength. It doesn't have any intent of slowing down, as it powers and pushes forward. This tune definitely knows how to put up a fight. Soaring, relentless guitars hold their own and show off an array of expertise, like no other. "Secrets" maneuver through the aftermath of the war created by the latter. It punches, teases and brings plenty of attitude to the party. It is infectious, enchanting and will have you hooked from the first chord. 

"Our Time" follows and starts off with a dramatic sound, which echoes and reaches out to you and consequently, it hangs on with a firm grip. Every aspect builds up and creates a perfect anthem, which  will have you singing from the top of your lungs, when the chorus hits. "Kaleidoscopes" is magical, full of color and quite simply, unforgettable. It shows off such beauty and elegance, which makes you fall in love after hearing the lyrics leave Shimon's lips. 

"Crucified" leads a dark, sultry and devilish path, as it seduces and lures you further into the unknown. You can't help yourself, as you move deeper and deeper. "Hallelujah" rises slowly, before hitting you hard with plenty of attitude and boot. You will be singing amen or hallelujah before you know it. 

"Fearless" follows with plenty of hope and positivity, which lifts you high above for all to see. It shines bold and bright and doesn't show any sign of dimming anytime soon. This track is absolutely stunning and leaves you smiling from ear to ear. "All of Me" is glorious, not too heavy, yet still packs a punch with its lyrics. 

"Sting Like A Bitch" is a fierce number from start to finish, while oozing sex appeal and badass attitude. "Broken Men" is next with a pop inspired vibe, it drives forward with light and plenty of space to breathe. "Don't Wake Me Up" brings this fine album to its close, with such beauty and grace. A song full of raw emotion, it is captivating, stunning and pulls at the heart strings. You will find yourself wiping the tears away from your face when it comes to its end.   

SHIM bleeds every last drop of emotion on to this record and it shows, as you feel every aspect of it through his music.

It is inspirational, raw and impressive. 

Listen to the SHIM here! 


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