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Steel Panther - The Webster Theatre - 4/29/18


Have you heard of Steel Panther? How have you not? The parody hair band that literally turns the clocks back to the 1980's when they bring their show to town. For the longest time, I only knew Steel Panther from friends that knew about "The Shocker," their first big single and hit. I can't say it turned into an obsession, but more of a funny thing where every time we'd get together, we would play Steel Panther on the jukeboxes at bars to freak people out with how disturbing and hilarious their lyrics always were. It eventually morphed into something where we ended up naming our dart team, "The Shockers." All because we found that their show and lyricism was awesome.

Were we groupies? No. Did we want to want to hit every show imaginable to see what all the hype was about? Yes. I've now seen Steel Panther a handful of times, and every time I'm noticing more and more on stage antics each time. First of all, their stage names, Michael Starr, Lexxi Foxx, Styx Zidinia, and Satchel. I've seen more than a dozen different sexual innuendos towards each other and the crowd. The hilarity of their commentary and movements on stage are amazing.

Whether you're a 21 year old kid that hasn't found their way yet, or a 45 year old milf....I'd go see Steel Panther if I had the chance.

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