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Tanner Keegan - A Man Named Joe (EP Review)

Singer/Songwriter and all round badass talented musician Tanner Keegan finally feeds our craving with the release of his debut EP, A Man Named Joe.

The EP kicks in to gear with his first single release, “Gotta Have It” and man, it doesn’t mess about and cracks straight into action. It is gritty, bluesy and dirty rock n roll throughout. The track is thrilling, raw, feisty and full of spunk from start to finish, while distorted, soaring and intricate guitars reign out for all to hear. It powers forward without hesitation as solid vocals hold their own up front. This tune sets you up for what lays in wait, and it will have you hooked before you even know it……You have gotta have it! “Back to Michigan” follows the latter with a raw, blues filled number, which takes you deeper than you ever could’ve imagined. It is full of soul from its fingertips down to the tips of its toes. You allow it to run through your veins and take control as you lose yourself and become drunk with its power.

It will capture your soul effortlessly.....

Title track “A Man Named Joe” is up next, and it slows the tempo for a more grooved filled tune. It allows you really hear each lyric as they leave Tanner’s lips. Expert guitar work hold its own and shines under the spotlight for all to see. It oozes confidence, style and talent. Each groove and edge hit the spot as it feels like you are riding a wave of pure goodness. “All Right With Me” is next and shows off this older and more classic sound. It is definitely a number which will make you get put your dancing shoes on, while the song drives forward with a preppy and upbeat tempo. You can’t help but smile while you are listening to this precious gem. It is light hearted, fun and infectious.

“What It Takes” follows, and it slows the tempo for a more vulnerable sounding track. Every aspect from the vocals to the guitars stand prominent and make you stop and really listen to each layer carefully. It brings plenty of bite, optimism and shows off a pure unique talent from its inside out. “Bringing Me Down” draws the wonderful EP to its close. It is sultry, soulful and fascinating. big, soaring guitars really hit the spot and create this powerful and undeniable number.

A Man Named Joe demonstrates the special talent which Tanner has and allows you to see a completely different side to him. It is charismatic, inspiring and completely fascinating.

It will capture your soul effortlessly.

A Man Named Joe is available now.

For all things Tanner Keegan, please visit his Facebook page.


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