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Thank you, Goodnight! Love Wilson

Wilson on stage at the Crofoot Ballroom 12/28/2019

It all started in 2010 in East Lansing, Michigan. It's ending December 28, 2019 at the Crofoot in Pontiac, Michigan for one last rage. They have touched many hearts and brought many fans together over the past 9 years from all over. These final two shows were heartbreaking for many but a face melting performance for sure!

I had the opportunity to make it to the Crofoot ballroom show which they had their friends and local band favorites of The Messenger Birds, Red Stone Souls, Ladysse open for this set. The openers killed it and really set the tone for the rest of the night.

Finally Wilson hits the stage to bring the fuckery for their first set of the night. There was more than one surprise that night, one including guitarist Kyle Landry rejoining that band for one last show. With having the whole band back together for this final performance, it definitely felt like the right way to end it all. They played songs from their latest album Tasty Nasty and Right To Rise. They started the show off right with Dumptruck and ended with House of Fuckery.

Wilson at The Crofoot 12/28/2019

The more energy Wilson gave, the more the crowd gave! It was hot, sweaty and Tasty Nasty. The whole set was energetic and they gave it their all for this last set in the ballroom. Wilson gave their thanks for everyone coming out and things got emotional. Plenty of fans came from all over to see them off as their last time as Wilson on stage.

I know many of us are sad to see the end of an era but we wish them well. We thank them for all the memories and badass sets they have gave us over the years from touring, to festivals like Shiprocked. They surely gave us a show that ends the year on an amazing high note. Long live the fuckery.



Wrong Side of History

Give 'Em Hell

Windows Down

Money (money money money)

Act My Age

Summertime Treat

Tubthumping cover

The Flood

I Am The Fly

All My Friends

Hang With The Devil

Waiting on the World to Cave In

Fuck Up My High

Back in Black cover

Right to Rise


Everyone Gets a Round on Me

Like a Baller

House of Fuckery

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