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The Black Moods - Sunshine

Amplified rock n roll power trio, The Black Moods, kind of fell into my lap a couple of weeks ago, when my go to streaming app, Spotify, recommended that I should give this band a whirl, and damn, Spotify really does know me, as I haven't stopped playing their latest offering Sunshine since. I literally can't believe I have been missing out on this band since 2012.....where the hell have I been?!

Anyway, I have since realised the error of my ways and this trio are definitely going to be part of my "life" soundtrack from here on out.

The album opens with title track "Sunshine" which starts the proceedings off in style. It is captivating, full of light and is melodic throughout. The track will hook you and leave you wanting more. "Bella Donna" follows, and this is where the true rock n roll party kicks start into gear. It powers forward at full throttle without any hesitation, while bluesy riffs, heavy drums and infectious vocals seduce, enthrall and fascinate the listener.

"Whatcha Got" is up next, and it is gritty, upbeat, and straight to the point. This song shows off what its got and boy, it does not disappoint. It is solid, firm, and has purpose from start to finish. "Do it Again" follows, and is an infectious tune from its first chord, and before you know it you will be begging for it to 'Do it Again.'

Bluesy riffs, heavy drums and infectious vocals seduce, enthrall and fascinate........

"Bad News" is up next and is a blend of garage and rock tones combined together. while showing a punchy side, and topping it off with rough edges to create a spectacular and unforgettable number. "Dirty Mess" follows, and is an undeniable anthem. You will find yourself instantly fist pumping the air as the chorus hits.

"Lack of Love" is up next, and is nothing short of enchanting. It is rock filled, punchy and steers forward effortlessly. "Throwing Shade" follows, and shows off groove filled riffs to its core. It is upbeat, melodic and catching.

"Wrong" is next, and it slows the tempo slightly for an angst inspired number, which shows off soaring guitars and sultry licks. "Home" draws the album to its close, and what a difference to the latter. It is beautiful, breathtaking, and powerful.

The band born in Arizona desert and reared on stages across North America deliver a raw, highly charged and timeless rock n roll record in the shape of Sunshine.

Sunshine is available now.

If you want to keep up to date on news, tour dates, and much more, head over to the band's socials;




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