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The Electric Alley - Sala Boite - 12/21/18 - Madrid, Spain

You could feel the intensity building, even before the queues of excited gig goers entered Sala Boite in Madrid on Friday 21st December. 

The atmosphere was electric right from the starting gate, as The Electric Alley took to the stage and kicked straight into "Celebration" without any hint of hesitation. It felt like a party was taking place and, everyone was in high spirits to make sure every note played, every lyric sung, every beat drummed, was celebrated to its maximum. The audience were trying to catch their breaths, but before they knew it, the band blasted into "You Give Me Something," as the high rock momentum continued to build higher into euphoria. 

The band powered on through "Standing, I've Been Taught, Super Blood Blue Moon and Keep The Beat On The Highway," with such skill, speed and intensity. They showed no signs of backing down and kept driving forward with class, expertise, fire and confidence. 

They play with such passion, high energy and undeniable talent.....

"Live While You're Alive" and "Last Letter" slowed the tempo, allowing time for the crowd to catch their breaths for a short while. The four piece continued to glide their way through, "Go, Can We Have Some Love Between Us, Rusty, Thunderbird Or Vulture, Up In Flames, Get Electrified and Goodbye," while steering their electric set to an end with fan favorite "No Control."

They play with such passion, high energy and undeniable talent, and to say, the night was being recorded for their live album, no nerves were in sight and they made it look effortless. 

The Electric Alley showcased to Madrid that they are something unique and quite possibly, one of the best live bands in the industry. 

The wheels for the Cadiz rockers will keep turning, as the band will be touring Europe in March 2019. For more info and tour dates, please visit their Facebook page

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