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The King has arrived! Avatar - Madison, WI - 5/23/2019

The King has arrived! Avatar made The Sylvee in Madison, Wisconsin Avatar Country on Thursday night. Avatar, hailing from Gothenburg, Sweden, released their seventh studio album in 2018 titled Avatar Country and is continuing their tour throughout the US in support of the record.

Avatar does Swedish metal differently than most, adding costumes, eccentric facepaint, and a carnival feel to their shows. Thursday's show was no exception to this. People of all ages filled the venue floor, waiting for the show to begin. When the lights of the venue dimmed, and the intro concluded, Avatar's large curtain fell to the floor, revealing the King (guitarist Jonas Jarlsby) sitting on his throne high in the center of the stage and vocalist Johannes Eckerstrom standing behind his podium welcoming all to Avatar Country. 

An Avatar concert isn't just a concert. It is very much the definition of a metal musical performance: bright lights, heavy guitar riffs, and constant headbanging. The members of Avatar put every ounce of energy they have into their performance which throughout the years has built an incredible following for the band.

Avatar's setlist:

A Statue of the King Legend of the King Paint Me Red King's Harvest Bloody Angel The Eagle Has Landed Get in Line Ready for the Ride Tower Puppet Show Let It Burn King After King For the Swarm Smells Like a Freakshow The King Welcomes You to Avatar Country Hail the Apocalypse

Avatar has a handful of tour dates remaining in the US until mid-June when they head back to Europe. Not to fear, they will be back in the states in September! Check out Avatar's upcoming tour dates here. Don't hesitate to check out Avatar on their Avatar Country Tour. Whether you've seen them perform in past years as a supporting act, witnessing them take the stage as a headliner is an experience in itself.

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