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The Kleejoss Band: El Secreto - Guitar Town Sessions Vol 1 01/04 November 2018

The Kleejoss Band are back with their fifth album, which they recorded in four days (from November 1 to 4) at the Guitar Town studios, with Hendrik Röver at the controls. The result is El Secreto, nine songs recorded live, arising from spontaneity and loaded with positivism, energy and hope.

"If you had to choose a slogan that summarised the essence of The Kleejoss Band, that would be "without haste, but without pause". It is really difficult to find a more productive band capable of publishing five albums between 2014 and 2018."

Throughout their scarce five years of existence they have presented their personal vision of rock and roll in multiple cities and important festivals leaving many mouths open and without having stopped writing brilliant songs, full of Southern flavor and an authentic American sound. Innovation from tradition, admiration for the great and immense respect for the public are the hallmarks of an honest band on stage and is credible in all their records.

The record shoots straight into the action in the form of "Shine." There is no sign of hesitation as the song steers forward and keeps pace throughout. Their rock n roll sound sparkles and shines bright, whereas the clear precise vocals do not falter and hold their own. "Tour De Force" follows with a seductive and punchy number. The tempo brings the groove, while soaring, distinguished guitars add extra flavour to this hot mix. It is sensual, arousing and determined. 

It is soul stirring from the start, as gritty guitar licks send shivers down your spine....

"Fair-Weather Friend" is a Southern country-esqued sound, with hints of classic rock n roll licks. It is catchy, infectious and delicious, while the music soars and leaves its mark. The track creates a fruitful cocktail for all to enjoy and savour the taste. "Monsters in the Closet" is soul stirring from the start, as the gritty guitar licks send shivers down your spine. It is soulful, eloquent and expressive, while consequently showing off a profound beauty inside and out. 

"Breaking the Chains" is a interlude which draws your attention, as slide guitars play over the sounds of chains rattling and trying to break. It has a slight Pink Floyd vibe to it, as it is very atmospheric and evoking. "Keep on Hating Me" follows with the "Anthem" of the album. It shows off strength, confidence and courage. Gritty and soaring guitars inspire throughout and furthermore, it is intense, captivating and fascinating. 

"Hush-Hush" urges forward with a sprinkling of grunge within the powerful vocals. It keeps the tempo, while it is absorbing and interesting, as all the tiers blend into one. "Earth & Roots" calls out to you, as it builds up hard and digs deeper to its roots. consequently, It is pure, evoking, raw and soulful around its grooves and edges. 

"Free" draws the album to its close. It is slower, calming and brings you down from the euphoric high you have been travelling. A light and airy track, which allows space to breathe and consume every aspect. It keeps pace throughout, with outstanding vocals. A captivating, alluring and fascinating finish to a top notch record. 

El Secreto is all rounded, executed with a fine art and utterly ground breaking.

It definitely holds the secret. 

El Secreto - Guitar Town Sessions Vol 1 01/04 November 2018 is available 15th January. 

For more info: Visit their Facebook Page


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