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The magic of a city called Cádiz

It’s been a while since I’ve put pen to paper and to be honest, I haven’t felt inspired and nothing has hooked me so much, that I wanted to write about it, until now. This isn’t just another album review or interview, those are coming later ha ha. but this is a piece about a city that is full of talented people, from musicians, writers to artists. I am constantly amazed and surprised everyday that there are so many talented people in the city they call Cádiz.

The light and magic shines throughout this wonderful city, day and night, and you find yourself meeting more and more talented, interesting and unique people each and every single day. The inspiration flows throughout these historic and cobbled streets, and before you know it, you can feel it running through your veins. It is infectious, and once you catch it, you will never want to leave.

On my quest to dig a little deeper into this magical realm, I was lucky enough to speak with one of the talented Gaditanos (one of many), who I have become to know over a short space of time, and he was kind enough to give me insight into what he thinks it is about this city, which nurtures and delivers so much diverse talent, along with telling us a little about his story of being a product of this factory of culture. Jesus Ruiz Lopez is a musician, writer, father and so much more. He has so many different and intricate layers, you do not know where to begin.

I honestly couldn't tell you what the secret ingredient is, but the fact that the city is a "factory" of culture is undeniable.

“I think that Cádiz has it all, the sun, its people, our way of life, etc. But it is something that has always happened, from the famous dancers of Roman times (Puellae Gaditanae) to the flamenco artists who have risen out of our neighborhoods. I think it is a unique city in the world, and I honestly couldn't tell you what the secret ingredient is, but the fact that the city is a "factory" of culture is undeniable.”

“For me personally, I always been a person with a social conscience and I have been involved with social groups in the city, And since I was young (now I am 40) I have always been surrounded by the musical atmosphere that the city has, I was in some bands, as well as being in the theatre. But, music caught my attention and I discovered a passion for composing and writing. Punta Diablo, my old band, opened up my enthusiasm for creating, and since then, my head is always to the sound of some song. Years later I still believe that music is the common thread of sensations, therefore it is difficult to disconnect from it.”

“While I have been heavily involved in the music scene, I also strongly believe that culture can serve as a loudspeaker in the face of any complaint that we contemplate, whatever the nature may be, As a result of experiences I have received within social groups, I have realised that we can fight against some great evils that our society suffers, such as the loss of identity of our great city in the face of growing touristification. And during this time, I decided to write a book as it is something I am strongly passionate about, as well as music.”

I was spellbound by American music but was drawn towards a rougher style, and its darker roots.

“I am passionate about Rock in every aspect, and if I have played something more alternative in some bands that I have been in, I am now opting for country blues as I like that the most. A long time ago, I was spellbound by American music but was drawn towards a rougher style, and its darker roots. I am inspired by singers like Johnny Cash, Blues Saraceno, Townes Van Zant or Jack White and bands such as, Guadalupe Plata, Arizona Baby or RedBeard (the latter being a Spanish band who sing in English) who have known how to create a very unique style within the genre.”

“For me, Inspiration comes in waves, and it really depends on the situation or the chapter I am at in my life. With my previous band, Punta Diablo, I found inspiration in the smallest things of everyday life, of intimate thoughts and the compositions were somewhat more minimalist, but then between the whole band, we managed to elevate it. It was a very fun process, and we released songs non-stop, it was a very inspiring moment of our lives. In my personal project, Jay Diavlo, I seek that my lyrics be a loudspeaker for social problems like I mentioned earlier. I understand that culture can be one more channel for social complaints. Therefore, I think that I have always found my inspiration in the world around me and knowing how to squeeze out all of its potential which ends up becoming a song.”

I seek that my lyrics be a loudspeaker for social problems.

“As I mentioned earlier, Cádiz is a factory of culture and you can see that I am a product of that, but I don't think there is a very broad musical infrastructure here in our city, and even less after suffering from the hit of the pandemic. Yes, I think that today it is easy for you to be heard both in Cádiz and in the rest of the world, thanks to the digital tools that we can use every day.”

“If there is another person who connects with my music because of the accessibility at the tip of their fingers, I welcome it with open arms.”

To keep up to date on all things Jesus, head over to Instagram and give him a follow @jesusruiz.cadiz

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