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Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown - Truth And Lies (Album Review)

Nashville rockers Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown are back with their third studio album, Truth And Lies, and boy they certainly don't disappoint.

The record kicks in with the bands second single release, "Shock & Awe", which manoeuvres forward with seductive riffs and manages to mesmerise and hold your attention effortlessly. The track is fully loaded with plenty of punch and starts the album off in the best way possible. "On To The Next" follows and is the first single release off this beefy album. It is everything you want from a rock and roll song, and much more. It is gritty, dirty and unbelievably infectious. Tyler's enchanting vocals have you hooked from the first line, while gritty, distorted guitars bring the power to the table. Hard drumming holds it all together at the back and BOOM....they have nothing to lose. The track is flawless and magnificent in every form.

"Ride" steers in and slows the tempo down for this sultry number, which lures you in to take a ride. You can feel it from your very core rising up, as it makes you want dance. You will definitely enjoy this ride all night long. The band changes gears in the form of "Shape I'm In." It is raw, evoking and soulful throughout, while this beautifully slow song makes its impact on you. It is top to bottom full of emotion, soaring guitars, passion and a captivating essence.

"Eye To Eye" is up next with a fun, fresh and rocking track. Intricate layers build up and show off the bands technical abilities while hitting the spot. "Panic Button" follows with distorted guitars which rip through and pave a path for what lays in wait. It is contagious, uptempo and ravishingly excellent.

"Judgement Day" slows the pace, yet again. This number is eerie, haunting and hypnotising, while showing off growth along with a mature sound. "Drive Me Mad" speeds up and cranks the gears up to full throttle. It drives forward without any hint of hesitation, before soaring guitars and hard drumming join the party. Remember to turn the volume up to maximum for this one.

It is relentless, full of energy and hits the spot throughout.....

"Without You" follows the set pace and continues to move forward before slowing slightly and pacing forward again. The chorus blasts in for all to hear and shows off how expertly executed this song is, along with precision and intricacy. "Trouble" grabs your attention and is very appealing to your ears. Alluring and rebellious sounds strut and showcase plenty of attitude, while slide guitars groove and seduce every curve.

"Out There" slows the tempo again for this stunning song. The vocals shine out and stand tall for you to breathe in, as you feel every inch of each lyric leaving Tyler's parted lips. It shows off maturity, emotion and pure passion from start to finish. "Cry Wolf" jacks it back up again for this strong, hard and heavy track. It is relentless, full of energy and full of attitude. They definitely don't need to cry wolf for this track.

Closing number "Couldn't See The Fire" is like a fine wine. It is smooth, beautiful and will age very well indeed. The song rips through, roars and is full of fire, while expert ascending guitars give you goosebumps and leave you with a hunger for so much more.

Truth And Lies shows how the band have evolved musically, and as musicians. It is relentless, full of energy and certainly knows how to hit the spot.

Truth And Lies is available now via all platforms.

For news, tour dates and all things Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown, please visit their Facebook Page.


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