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Wilson at Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom - 7/7/18

Jumping in on the Theory of a Deadman tour a few shows late due to an illness were the boys in Wilson, the Detroit rockers who’s first stop was right here in New Hampshire. Self described as Wilson 2.0, not only has the band completely changed up their look, they change up their sound, and boy is it fun! These guys just finished up their third studio album, Tasty Nasty, due out August 24. The first single from Tasty Nasty, “Like a Baller,” is available now for your earhole and eyehole pleasure.

Their setlist was new and improved, featuring seven tracks from the new record, a cover of “Going the Distance,” by Cake, and two songs from the previous records. The set was nothing short of fun, energetic, hilarious with the raw and ridiculous lyrics, and completely new which is exactly what they were going for. I’m not new to Wilson, I’ve seen them live over a dozen times, and it’s always a great time, but now, it will be even better once people realize how much “fuckery” they provide to their fans. This new style for Wilson has curtained opened many new doors for the future, and with the personalities and alter-ego’s the guys all have, that they really now have something special to give their fans. For the crowd of 2200 that was there to see Theory, Wilson gained quite a few new fans during their set, as they did not stand still, they were pumped, and signing right along with the catchy new tunes.

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