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Wilson - Tasty Nasty 8/24/18

All Aboard the Tasty Nasty

Wilson, the mother-loving quintet from Detroit, MI is back with their first release since Right to Rise in 2015. This time around, they came to party! So grab your beer bongs, rolling papers, and munchies. Tasty Nasty is going to take you on a ride! Tasty Nasty is packed full of eleven epic tracks that will absolutely blow you back to the early 90’s. Kicking off the trip is none other than the second single, “Dumptruck,” where the music video features nothing but Atari style 8-Bit graphics that take you on a psychedelic acid trip in a dump truck while racing through stages of a video game.

I figure there were some drugs involved in not only the writing of the song, but the making of the video as well. Take a peek, its epic. The first single from Tasty Nasty definitely got me in the feels as the theme song for Wilson’s new found style. “Like a Baller” features the guys working their asses off as valets trying to reach all the hashtag goals of success like getting all the ladies (Puhy and Kyle make gorgeous women by the way), cashing those fat checks, rockin' out in the Benz’s, walking cheetahs down LA streets, and lastly, killin' it on a bedazzled scooter. Check out the video for this one, you’ll want to live like a baller as well! I also spoke with Chad Nicefield about how to become a baller, and this is what he had to say:

This Fuckery train never stops

The fuckery train doesn’t stop there, if you’re still on board with Wilson 2.0 after hearing the first few songs, you’re going to love the whole album. “My Hustle” is an anthem about working hard for your money, earning it, and yet all the while providing a fun and groovy aspect to keeping your mood high, when we all know working hard usually doesn’t do that! Wilson knocked this one out of the park. “Summertime Treat” and “Spanish Coffee” are two jams that I have been cranking louder and louder each time. Honestly, if timing were perfect, I’d love to have some epic sex to the tune of “Spanish Coffee” due to its Latin flare and groovy breakdowns. Like I said before, there are Eleven songs on this beast,and I can’t pick a favorite. However, the third single “Fuck Up My High” is an ode to an old ex of Chad’s and his associated misery. Written a long time ago, this track is actually his favorite piece on the record, and just shows that he and the band won’t be brought down from their high no matter what life throws in their direction.

Order Tasty Nasty at THE HOUSE OF FUCKERY! Save it on Spotify, get in line at the next show to buy some merch and hug it out with the doods. They’ll appreciate it, you’ll love the new record, and you’ll all live like Ballers!! Doinnnngggg!


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